Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DSi Homebrew Channel

Quoting Spinal: For anyone who has sudoxuhax on their DSi and is already tired of keep renaming all their homebrew to 'boot.nds' to test, here is 'DSi homebrew Channel'. It sure makes loading homebrew from the SD slot a lot less of a painful experience.

Copy boot.nds to the root of your SD card
Run sudokuhax
Select homebrew with d-pad then press A.
Up/Down - cursor up/down
Left/right - cursor up/down x 10
L/R - jump to end/start of folders or files

Limitations: Loads ONLY homebrew, you should expect nothing more. Currently can only use up to 2gb SD cards, that is a limitation of the current libnds. Currently no settings, even if there were some, they can't be saved anyway (SD access is currently only read only).

Sayang wala na sa DSiStore ung Sudoku ng EA :( di ko tuloy magawa

Source: http://www.ds-scene.net/


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